Theatre and Cinema Area


Having an artist’s soul is one of Gérard Faivre’s strong character traits. For him each project is a blank canvas where he can express himself in new ways. To attain his objective he lets himself be guided by his surroundings, sometimes surprising himself as much as others, constantly innovating and daring to be different.


The village of Baux de Provence has a long history and strong link with the art world.

Every year the famous sound and light show, the Quarries of Light (Les Carrières de Lumières), takes place here. A show not to be missed, a place made legendary by Jean Cocteau.


The old bauxite quarry is now a backdrop to breathtaking audio-visual performances where images are projected on to the ceiling, floor and huge rock walls. Each spectacle is inspired by a painter, sculpter or photographer and accompanied by specially chosen music.