A true lover of Provence, Gérard Faivre is very aware of the importance of the outside space when transforming this provencal property. Thanks to the provencal climate, the stunning terraces can be enjoyed throughout the year, making the most of the mild temperatures and the exceptional light, so precious to painters.


With this in mind, the outside space has been designed as an extension of the living space which mirrors the atmosphere of the interior, reinforcing the feeling of unity. The enchanting outdoor area has been brought to life in conjunction with Sylvère Fournier of Jardin Passion.


All the natural elements, the stone, the Mediterranean fragrant plants serve as a common thread throughout the grounds. A perfect harmony has been created between each element, the lily pond and the waterways that come together to enhance each other’s beauty.

The sculptures on display play an important role in reinforcing this harmony and the importance of nature.


Particular attention has been paid to the use of lighting to render the grounds an enchanted place to be once night falls.


An attractive annexe has been built to serve as an impressve wine cellar with a capacity for 600 bottles. More than enough to store the best vintages from the region and beyond in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.