Works of Art


The Art Homes concept consists in creating and selling properties transformed by Gérard Faivre into veritable works of art.


To achieve an original and unique piece, Gérard Faivre absorbs the soul of each property. Each one presents itself as a blank canvas and as a source of inspiration. Depending on the feeling exuded by the property, Gerard Faivre strives to find the perfect ambience which he complements with works of art.


An art lover, his collaboration with artists is a fore-gone conclusion. He offers painters, sculptors and photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work in prestigious surroundings, a unique gallery where the future owner of the property may purchase a piece should they have a coup de cœur.


At the Mas Honorine, Gérard Faivre involves artists who are in perfect harmony with the contemporary setting.


The interior features sculptures by Marcel Paul, Frédéric Bonora, Marc Nucera and Dové.


Art works by Julie Botton, François Benoit-Lison, Swed Oner, Joseph Bayol, Pierre Ziveri, Spark and Psychoze, complement their surroundings perfectly.


In the grounds, pieces by Frédéric Bonora, Marc Nucéra and Philippe Ringlet echo the powerful presence of the rock.